The Hero's Journey


Gehrigan joins a new group

Dear Helian,

I hope and pray that all is well with you. I have at last made my way out to the frontier and it does not disappoint, slavers and other ne’er-do-wells proliferate in the region around Fairloch, giving me opportunity to test and prove myself.

Never fear Helian, I am not alone in my endeavours, I chanced upon other frontiersmen who seek adventure for their own reasons.

There was Val: Elven high-born noble Mage from Qeryon, Fyn: Dragonborn ex-soldier and Cat: a young elven waif. I was invited to the table of Val and Fyn while sitiing by myself in the Bell & Bird, the best tavern in all of Fairloch. We introduced ourselves and were getting to know one another when we were approached by the town bailiff, Sir Eamon Malory, and the local head of the Sword and Compass adventuring troupe, Alec Shaw.

They wished to hire us as a group to come to the assistance of an outlying community who had sent word by bird that they were under attack by raiders. We agreed to assist and left immediately with Sir Eamon and the dwarven pathfinder Rurik Stonecleaver.

We ran into a smaller group of raiders who were busy attacking a small town on the way to our destination. My adventuring friends made quick work of them and we proceeded to hunt down the larger group of slavers, for that is what our captives admitted to being.

We managed to catch up to the main group and due to a magnificent show of bravery on the part of Fyn we ended the slavers’ journey and saved all those who had been taken.

Now that we are back at Fairloch, I see that the group before me has potential to be what we once were. I will offer them my strength at arms if they will have me and we can bring some sense of order and justice to these outlands.

I feel that I now have a direction to once again follow. The hollow in my heart feels somehow less empty now. I miss you all but at least I can do good until we meet again.

Always your friend


valensonek Gehrigan

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