The Ordinatus

Empresses and dynasties come and go. Only the Ordinatus is constant.’ – Empress Netheliel I Tercellus

The Ordinatus is the machinery which drives and maintains the Qeryon Empire, and is so integral to the Empire’s political and social structure that it is inextricable from either. While the Qeryon aristocracy remains in name, it is the senior civil servants named Ordinators who wield true power in the Empire.

The machinery of the Empire is divided into nine General Directorates, numbered One to Ten (the Sixth General Directorate was absorbed whole cloth by the Third several centuries ago).

First Directorate

Oversight. Technically, the First Directorate oversees and directs all other branches of the Ordinatus. Practically, other Directorates do their best to preserve their autonomy.

Second Directorate:

Public Safety and Law

Third Directorate

Works and Infrastructure. The Third is the largest and most powerful of the Directorates, due largely to the ease with which almost anything can be classified within its purview.

Fourth Directorate:

Military affairs. To all intents and purposes, the Fourth Directorate is the Imperial military.

Fifth Directorate:

External Affairs. The Fifth Directorate is primarily responsible for nonmilitary interactions beyond the Empire’s borders, and foreign nationals in Imperial territory.

Seventh Directorate:

Development and Research.

Eighth Directorate:

Economics, Commerce and Revenue.

Ninth Directorate

Esoterica. Deals with those rare areas that are a) not explicitly covered by other directorates and (more unusually) b) not worthy of other directorates twisting the terms of their authority to assume control of.

Tenth Directorate:

Internal Audit. Concerned with policing the other Directorates

The Ordinatus

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