The Hero's Journey


To Calenglad Arcosius
Archon, Seventh General Directorate (Feloria)


Hereunder please find appended a summary of my section’s findings and analysis of data submitted regarding your request under Chapter 33. As requested we undertook a number of detailed tests of Sir Gehrigan var Dresdan (hereinafter referred to as the Subject) in an effort to identify the cause and source of his amnesia. While our findings are regrettably inconclusive, we can say with confidence that a wide variety of possible causes for the condition have been eliminated by this process.

The Subject exhibits a memory gap of over five years, broadly correlating to the period from mid-1273 to late 1278. On either side of this time there is an additional period of four to six months wherein the subject evinces numerous smaller gaps.

While trauma, whether physical or psychological, is by far the most common cause of memory loss known to our specialists, the pattern described above does not conform to our current understanding of the effects of such damage. Nevertheless, we are unable to conclusively eliminate this as a potential cause given that even our specialists acknowledge that current understanding is far from complete. Additionally, the subject was (and is) a licensed adventurer, which of course statistically places him at extreme risk of career-related trauma of any description.

His career and history also vastly increases the likelihood of the damage having been magically induced, which would normally be a minimal possibility. This category includes a wide variety of potential causes, but almost all would leave identifiable traces – arcane fingerprints which our testing would reveal. Again, the subject’s chosen lifestyle made this more complicated, as he has clearly been exposed to more and more varied magics than almost anyone in the Empire, but after extensive analysis we have been able to eliminate the majority of magical or supernatural causes.

What remains after the ‘majority’ mentioned above is direct divine intervention. If the subject’s memory alteration was caused by the direct act of a fifth- or sixth-magnitude celestial, it would be undetectable except by a similar entity. It probably will not surprise you to hear that once again, the subject’s status as an adventurer radically increases the likelihood of such an intervention.

Given the above, and taking into consideration the subject’s recorded history, it is our considered opinion that his memory was altered as the result of an encounter with the Archdragon Kalgalath, with whom he and his ‘party’ are known to have had an encounter in mid-to-late 1273. The fact and timing of this encounter with one of the few fifth-magnitude celestials still extant upon this plane makes it by far the most likely source. It is impossible to say with any certainty whether the memory loss was intentional, of course; mere proximity to such a Power can dramatically affect the physical and psychological reality of those exposed in ways that cannot be predicted. Intentional or otherwise, of course, it is beyond any mortal capability to reverse such magic.

In summation, we are able to narrow the probable cause of the Subject’s memory loss to either a) the effects of physical or psychological trauma, or b) direct divine interference, most likely by the Archdragon Kalgalath. Based upon available evidence, the latter is the more likely cause. In view of this my recommendation is as follows:

1) Subject should be referred to the Experimental Arcana section for their evaluation. Arcanist Kastner’s team has recently made some very promising progress in the treatment of brain trauma in conjunction with the churches of Amalthea and Pelor that may be effective.

2) The likelihood of an Archdragon’s involvement invokes General Directive 6. Consequently, recommend NFA this course of investigation.

3) Perhaps the Ninth Directorate should be asked to reconsider the ‘licensed adventurer’ issue. The whole thing seems like an OH&S nightmare.

Erika Jahn
Senior Section Chief
Forensic Arcana Division


valensonek Gehrigan

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