Elven merchant who travels the frontier


At 5’9" Thelindelar is on the short side by elven standards. In combination with chestnut hair and softer features than is the norm for her people, she could pass for an (exceptionally fair) human were it not for her high-pointed ears.

Thelindelar dresses practically, but a little more colourfully than the austere Qeryon norm.


The Qeryon Empire is a fastidious culture by nature, although it highly values practicality. Those of its citizens who would be inclined to make a life on the relatively lawless and chaotic frontier are the exception rather than the norm, and this is especially true of its elvish citizens. Imperial elves on the frontier are assumed to be there either on Ordinatus business or because they are criminals or deviants. The truth is of course far more complicated, but popular perception remains firm.

Given this, opinions on Thelindelar are divided. Many people assume that she is an Ordinatus spy, but many others feel that the Ordinators would not be so blatant. Those who do not believe she is an Imperial agent generally consider her – as they do most who have active dealings with those beyond the border – to be at best somewhat shady, if not outright criminal.


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