Vari Havelock

Subaltern; Adjutant of the Fort Merrick garrison, acting commander.


Fairloch was Havelock’s first posting after graduating with honours from the Imperial War College in Dresda. Like most of her ilk she was an ideal Imperial officer – intelligent, educated,, decisive, and wholly by-the-book. As adjutant to Captain Scharnvonn she was the perfect counterbalance to his more flexible style of command, but when his injury forced her to assume command of the garrison her inability to deviate from the letter of the regulations almost immediately started causing problems.

With time and experience Havelock may well have evolved into an exceptional officer, but less than a year after her graduation she was drawn into a confrontation with the Triple Scar Confederation and fell along with most of her command in the Battle of Marburg.

Vari Havelock

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