Gehrigan var Dresdan

Gehrigan is from an old, noble house in Dresda. He has had every advantage that such influence can bring but believes in the equality of all.


Son of Kristoff and Ingela; Brother to Lorenz, Udo, and Fredegund; Half brother to Octavia; Brother-in-law to Hilde.


Sir Gehrigan is the second son of an old, noble human house from before the Elves rocked up. The family’s “plan” was to have him train as a mage and make his way as an advisor to a noble house. Gehrigan’s nanny’s tales of ancient battles, dangerous quests, and derring do fired his imagination and all he ever wanted was to be an ADVENTURER! He has always made friends easily due to his laid back charm but it did not influence the strict academics of the Mage finishing school. Gehrigan knew the jig was up and finally admitted to his family that he would travel out to the frontier to find his [destiny] fortune.

He had a shine for a town sheriff [a follower of Hextor] but has not made his feelings known [being a good adherent of Heironian principles]. He writes often to his best friend from school, Helian, an elven swashbuckling Wizard in a constant game of one-upmanship. “You took down a gnoll nest? We fought a cave troll!”

Gehrigan var Dresdan

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