Woman-bird chimera encountered during the Big Tree incident


Morwyn has the body of a huge vulture, over five feet in length. Her plumage is indigo with white flight feathers on wings and tail and a white ruff. Her head is that of a human female with a pallid complexion and wild blue-black hair; her irises are golden, the black pupils slitted. Her long, curved talons are blood red.


The party encountered this peculiar creature outside Big Tree during the undead uprising there. The first sign of her presence was a high-pitched, hooting cackle audible for miles, which locals recounted had haunted their nights for almost a week before the disaster.

She was encountered later, similarly haunting the besieged colony of Fairloch, and not long afterwards the party stumbled upon her apparent origin – Tellar Manor, lair of the vampire Abraxas.


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