Cosime Devaillard

Former apprentice to Catharandamus, now adventurer


Svelte and petite, Catharandamus’ apprentice was a remarkably lovely young woman, and clearly knew it. Unfortunately her rather isolated education left her poorly socialized and her attempts at coquettish charm were wont to veer into preening self-importance.

Her transformation was more than skin deep. Significant parts of her head and torso as well as her entire left arm were replaced with arcano-mechanical prosthetics of Kadeshi design. In the wake of her experience her confidence has been badly shaken and she tries her best to keep a low profile – fortunately, not a difficult task in a company of adventurers.


Cosime was the fourth child and second daughter of Baron Giles Devaillard, a minor noble from the northern Dresdan province of Courcheval.

Cosime Devaillard

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