Brughash the Chainer

Garrison commander of the Triple Scars' Five-Cut diamond mine.


Brughash was an ogre of average height but considerable girth; long years of easy living as the master of the Five-Cut mine had taken its toll on his fitness, although the sharp wits that earned him the post remained intact. He wore a heavy scale hauberk.


Brughash joined the Triple Scars while still a youth, and while not one of Akaavi’s original old guard was nevertheless a highly respected veteran by the time he was given command of the confederation’s most prized source of wealth. Under his command the mine flourished and provided the Scars with the means to expand their influence and territory for decades.

Brughash was killed along with most of his garrison when the players, investigating reports of a gathering Triple Scar military offensive, attacked the mine and liberated its slave workers.

Brughash the Chainer

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