Bailey Wimbledon

Gnome freelancer who was part of Kesh's attempt to rob the party in Strayhold.


Bailey is pretty and graceful, with a ready smile even as she shanks you for your coinpurse.


Little is known of Bailey’s past; the players’ interactions with her have not delved deeply into her histories, but she was fairly well-known in Strayhold by the time Kesh recruited her to join in his little band. She was the only member of the group who refused to lay down her arms even when the battle was clearly lost, instead choosing to take her chances and run. Her gambit was successful, if only barely.

Some time later the adventurers encountered her on the road to Gotha, now in the company of another adventuring band. Although the two parties clashed briefly (as Alexius had recruited the latter to protect him) they parted on reasonably amicable terms once the truth was revealed.

Bailey Wimbledon

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