Ashara Kael

Priestess of Erythnul


Ashara is a handsome, statuesque woman with black hair, dark eyes and a light complexion. During the battle at Big Tree she wore dark scale armour under an elaborately embroidered rust-coloured surcoat. Intelligent, educated and charismatic, she is capable of making an excellent first impression, as Drayson Gemcutter can attest. It’s regrettable that she is also a ruthless sociopath so devoted to the God of Slaughter that she has risen high in his service.


The first the adventurers heard of Ashara Kael, she had presented herself as a potential investor in the Serpent Lake Consortium’s mines around Big Tree. Along with a man who claimed to be her father Emerich she visited Drayson Gemcutter several times over the course of a week, both eventually accompanying him to visit the Redmond mines where they revealed their true natures.

Ashara Kael

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