The Master of Tellar Manor


Ten feet of bat-faced, leather-skinned, steel-sinewed, razor-clawed death. Can pass for perfectly human by wearing a victim’s skin.


In the earliest of ages, when the world was yet forming, the Creator brought into being gods to serve as its stewards. These gods took the form of dragons.

Perhaps the creator imbued these gods with too much of his own power, or allowed them too much of their own minds. Many grew dissatisfied with their status and eventually rose in rebellion, seeking to assume the Creator’s mantle for themselves. The Faithless Gods created the Vampires to serve as their foot soldiers.

The Creator brought new gods into being to battle the Faithless and protect the world. It is these gods whom the world now knows by names such as Pelor, Hieronyous and Ehlonna.

There is much more to this tale, but the relevant point is this: A Vampire is a creature older than the gods.

Just a thought.


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