The Hero's Journey

Storm and Fury

A battle of survival against a Celestial Vampire

The “Nail” and Abraxas [vampire boy] had an explosive intercourse, Modrynn being extinguished at that point set the tone for the fight.
When the dust cleared, the characters started to pick themselves up to continue their fight against the “Lord of Darkness”. Gyda tackled the guy and Dordok went in, Scimitar swinging. Gehrigan recovere dnext and began to pray to Heironeous ??? Abraxas let out some weird “Howl of Horror TM” which frightened Gehrigan, paralyzed Dordok, and left only Gyda to continue the fight. Abraxas faceplanted Gyda into the floor which smashed her through the already damaged structure and down two floors into the foyer area.
Ogradynn, Cosime, and Rytlock had recovered by this stage and made their way downstairs to assist their comrades. Brandt re-animated and leapt downstairs to assist “The Master of the Night” against his former allies. Dordok’s shield was shattered by a blow from “The Dark Celestial” but this did not deter him from doing his best to aid Rytlock and Gyda in the melee. Gyda managed to even bite the “Night that lives”.
Gehrigan could not shake the frighening howl which made him pray all the harder.

“My lord god, please hear my prayer.
I left your path, in my arrogance deciding I could do more good as a leader of warriors. I have failed.
I beseech you to assist us, not for our lives,, but we cannot let the “Nail” fall into the hands of this evil creature. Without magical defences to stop it, this whole world would be in danger."

The storm outside raged in symbiotic relationship with the battle inside. The more fierce the combat became, the more the lightning flashed, thunder roared, and rain pummelled down.
Then, the storm stopped. An intense column of radiant light struck down from above, through the hole in the roof and down through the torn apart levels of the house, focusing on the shattered, burnt husk of Modrynn, Abraxas, and those around them. Ogradynn and Rytlock felt their sources of power returned, alongside Modrynn’s armour a young, glowing, naked boy appeared, and Gehrigan’s fear was gone.
Gehrigan got to his feet and then leapt down at “The Lord of Death” with StarFang ahead of him. He cut Abraxas deeply and rejoined the fight.
“The creator of Thralls” summoned shapes of darkness from the floor to do his bidding, Rytlock made a prayer to the lord of light and banished the darkness, also inflicting damage upon “The Ancient Horror”.
Cosime fought Brandt, Ogradynn cast protection spells on Dordok, and magic missiles into Brandt and “The Darkness that lives”. Elrich held the torch.
“The Wearer of Skins” had had enough, he reached into Dordok’s chest and crushed his heart, Dordok had breath for one last cry of “CatherineDennis” before his soul was consumed by “The Eater of Souls”. Gyda screamed in fury, SHE was the one who must die in battle, Gyda would not have that honour stolen from her.
Rytlock screamed, “No more, I will take no more,” and focused all of the divine power at his disposal inwards, the Lord of Light’s flame fed on the dwarven fuel source and a mighty radiant heat erupted blinding everyone present, when they could see again Rytlock was gone and so was Abraxas. Brandt and Dordok’s re-animated bodies hit the floor.
Ogradynn could tell that Abraxas was still alive but his spells could not track the “The master of Beasts”.
Ogradynn assured the group that Rytlock’s sacrifice had freed Dordok and Brandt’s souls to continue their path to the afterlife.
They picked themselves up and went to the young form of the new Modrynn. The “Nail” had freed him of his pact and his death had ended it for good. The lord of light had chosen to send him back to help in this momentous battle.
The group gathered up their fallen friends’ bodies and carried them out to the stables, placing their worldly possessions with them. For Rytlock they had only his hammer and shield for there was no body to find.
They all spoke last words for their fallen companions and then each threw a lit torch into the pyre, igniting the stables and their companions remains.


valensonek Gehrigan

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