The Hero's Journey

Gehrigan in his room

Gehrigan closed the door behind him and surveyed his old room. Nothing had changed in here since he had left for the Academy. He wished he could say the same about himself.

He let out a long, slow breath. It was good to be home. He could not remember the last time he had felt safe since leaving the Heironean Chapter House, back in Dresda, all those years ago.

Death and Pain, Fire and Blood, these things had been his world and in his remaining memories for so long. But the world had just turned upside down for him.

Modryn … his son! … and he had just come to terms with having a daughter, after being raped those long years ago back in Parvaron. He was certain those ‘friends’ were long dead, and good riddance to them.

The events in his father’s study, with Modryn and his Pater, and in the library, with his Mater, replayed again and again in his mind. He couldn’t make it stop.

He set his pack down on the floor, his Shield against his study chair, and removed his armour piece by piece, “Megwen, my mother, attended a Wizards academy,” Modryn’s words left him winded and despairing.

Gehrigan had disappointed his tutors at the Academy, he had lost his friends and memories on another continent, he had failed them too. Fynn and Val, Dordock and Rytlock, he had failed them. Now he had disappointed a son he never knew he had, his Father and Mother would think even less of him, if that was possible.

Gehrigan sat down on his bed. He placed his head in his hands, gave up all responsibility and knightly bearing and began to sob uncontrollably.


valensonek Gehrigan

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