The Hero's Journey

Bon's Prayer

Good evening my lady.
I don’t know if you can hear my prayer, but I need to put some words around my thoughts. You placed me in a position to be in Sir Gehrigan’s company and, at first, I thought this was so that I could see her again. But now I’m wondering if it’s also because of Gehrigan himself. He says he has lost his memory, and that may be true, but it might be that the man he was before is worth forgetting. It seems his former self has badly used two different women, fathering a child from each before leaving them. In each case, there seems to be dark magic involved. It seems an odd coincidence. Is he cursed by some evil warlock? Or was he the one using enchantments to ensorcel and abuse these women? He admits he was once trained at the Academy, so it is possible. The damnable thing of it is that I like the man. He seems such an innocent buffoon around women, and in most company generally, that I cannot but feel some sympathy for him. But is that all a façade? Is he playing me just as I am playing him?
Meanwhile his other companions are also worthy of mention. Like Gehrigan, they also have my admiration, but none of them have a good sense of who they are. Gehrigan’s son, Modryn, is a child being used by Pelor as his avatar. Modryn has a child’s morality and maybe that is exactly what Pelor can utilise. One day some of Gehrigan’s indistinct sense of morals might rub off. Until then, he remains a god-child still working out who he is.
Elrich is the proudest little Halfling I have ever encountered. He’s also the chosen of a god, a Halfling god called Barkley – my knowledge of the gods doesn’t stretch that far. Elrich always seems to be working out the right way to behave, like he would rather be just enjoying the simplicities of life but feels obliged to be uptight about everything, as if he might accidentally disappoint his god if he enjoyed himself.
Gyda is the one woman of the group and a woman like none I have ever met before but even she is a bit lost. She is very much a free spirit but in that freedom I don’t think she knows what her purpose is. I think she busies herself with everyone else’s path so as to avoid thinking about her own. I look forward to discovering more of her.
So maybe they all need saving in some way? Maybe you’ve put me here for all of them? But I’m not sure what that has to do with my vow to you. Either way, you know I will serve your will.
At least I’m with Markus and Garrett again and we are able to watch each other’s back. It is so good to be travelling with friends whom I can trust. I sometimes believe that they in turn trust me – the real me and not just who I pretend to be. One day I may even trust them with that secret. Well Markus at least; it’s just not in Garrett to ever hold a secret. He’s far too honest, and I hold him dearly for it.
Maybe it’s my high regard for Garrett’s friendship that silences my tongue every time he speaks of his beloved. Every time, part of me wants to slap some sense into him and yell at him to go and be with her. If he only knew how blessed he is. If he only understood how much he takes for granted.
But I’m in Dresda now. Did you plan for me to be here? I assume that she is still here. Somewhere. What happens if she sees me? I cannot risk it. It’s foolish for me to even be here. And yet here I am. This is where you’ve brought me. I wonder what I would say to Garrett if he were me now. Would my advice still be the same?
My lady, I don’t know if you can hear my prayer, but right now I’m also a little bit lost. Your guidance would be appreciated.


valensonek Gehrigan

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